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Did you realize that animals are here to be our teachers?

Animal Communication

What are they thinking? Whether its a general question, a  health related question, if your pet is lost,  or even if your pet is deceased, you can request communication with your animal, regardless of species.  Sometimes they will even share information that they feel is pertinent for you to know in your life!  You can email me a photo of as well as questions you have for your pet.  I will then perform the journey and call you with results, and the answers given to your questions will also be emailed to you.

Fee: $125

Animal Reiki

Reiki is a way of sending positive , loving energy from Spirit through the practitioner to your pet.  Reiki assists your animal to relax in a deep way so that they can have the opportunity to self heal whether it be physically or emotionally.  After an initial phone consultation, I will do an initial  journey on your pet with direction from my Guides.  Distance Reiki is provided for your pet for as long as they are receptive, usually up to 30 minutes. I will follow up with an email of anything noticed during the journey and Reiki treatment.  Followup sessions include Reiki treatments only unless otherwise requested.  I always appreciate client’s feedback about what they notice with their pet around the time of the treatment!

Fee: $125

Additional treatments within one month of the initial treatment:


Reiki initial treatment package:  Initial treatment plus 3 additional treatments, frequency to be agreed upon with the client

Fee: $255

Reiki continuing treatment package: Initial treatment already done, 3 additional treatments, frequency to be agreed upon with the client

Fee: $165