Loving Hands In Home Pet Euthanasia

Cancellation Policy

We have had to implement a Cancellation Policy in order to cover the event when a client needs to cancel on short notice. Often people do not realize that on behalf of their pet: drugs have been logged and drawn up,  paperwork has been done, another client may have been turned down for that same appointment time, and on rare occasions the Doctor may already be on their way to your home.  We also understand sometimes pets transition on their own prior to our arrival.

As such, we respectfully request  that:

  • If you cancel an appointment with just over 1-5 hours before the early aspect quoted for your appointment time, there will be a $100 cancellation fee that cannot be applied to future appointments, and will be applied to the lost appointment time. If your pet has transitioned on its own, please let us know immediately and a fee will not be charged in this timeframe.
  • If you cancel with one hour or less before the early aspect quoted for your appointment time, much has been done to prepare for your pet, and often the Doctor is on their way to your home, thus even if the pet has transitioned on its own, the full euthanasia fee minus $30 will be charged.  We respect so deeply that making this decision can be agonizing for so many people. However we must also cover our costs so that we can be here to help other clients.