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Spiritual Services for People

Are you experiencing any of these feelings?
Issues with Self Worth Difficulty With Decisions
Feelings of Inadequacy Trauma History
Physical Body/Health Concerns Feeling Like a Part of You is Missing
Everything should be Great but Isnt Feeling Like You Just Dont Belong
Judgmental Inner Voice Weight Management Issues
Fear that is Chronic Alone Feelings
Feeling Stuck Feeling Cluttered
Self Loathing Depression
Wondering What Life Is All About Victim Feelings/History
Relationship Concerns Work Issues
Want out of your Head Divorce experience
Death experience Abuse History
Anxiety Issues Anger or Sadness
Fun and Joy are hard to find feeling Addiction

Soul Recovery and Extraction

Experiencing Shamanism is about becoming who you truly are. By going deep within with a process of “Soul Recovery and Extraction” you begin to become reunited with pieces of yourself and reinforce the flow of your energy systems. This starts your process of internal healing which can eventually manifest as profound changes in your life. The actual healing is work that you do, my part is to help facilitate you in achieving your goals. All that is required is that you be open to having change happen in your world.  Often people return to have this performed every few months as they “peel back the layers” of themselves to get back to being who they truly are.

Soul recovery and extraction can be done in person with ceremony or via distance with the same outcome. This process requires that you be open to change in your life and be prepared to relax and not exert yourself for 48 hours following the soul recovery and extraction. A written description of the results from the session will be emailed to you. Click to read testimonialsfrom people who have experienced the wonderful healing that can take place with a soul recovery.

With a distance session we discuss over the phone what you would like worked on in your life. With Spirits permission and Guidance, I then do the journeying to retrieve your soul pieces and also perform an energy extraction on you to help remove that which no longer serves you and call you back as well as email a copy of the results.

Fee: $220. distance*

Sliding scale is available

Distance Follow Up Journeys… for people who have had an in person or distance journey within the preceding year

Fee: $180.

In Person Ceremony…

If you wish to do the in person ceremony, wear comfortable clothes, and when we first meet, we will cleanse our auras using ceremonially gathered white sage. We will then set sacred space, explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Pending your comfort level, we lay side by side on my journey blanket and I hold your hand as you lay there quietly relaxed with pillows and blankets. Often people either fall asleep or simply close their eyes and relax while I am journeying next to you. After receiving permission to journey on your behalf, I am Guided to bring back the soul pieces that are best for you to receive at this time in your life. Once I receive your soul pieces, I return them to your body, and begin the energy extraction as shown to me by my Guides, working around you using a feather and putting most of what is removed in a bowl. This allows you at the end of our session to take the bowl outside and release that which no longer serves you. A healing circle of light is placed around you while your body adjusts to the work that has been done and lasts for 48 hours. Then we discuss all that was found during the journey. Gentle homework will be given to you as you continue your process of opening after you leave. In person sessions take a total of about 2 hours.

$240 in person**

**Rarely there may be an additional travel fee if in person

Spiritual Consultation

Since we are all individuals, we all require Guidance that is unique to us!  The goal of our consultations is to EMPOWER YOU in your life’s path, to help you learn to get in touch with and follow your own inner Guidance, and to utilize me and the Guidance that I receive as a resource for you on your way to developing Self.  Expect homework to be given.  A typed summary of recommendations will be emailed to you.   The first 15 minute phone/skype consult is free.

Fee: $125 up to one hour for phone/skype consult

Package: $300 for three sessions of up to one hour each phone/skype consults