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Dear Dr. Deborah, Your kindness and patience in helping Cali exit this life are so appreciated by all of her family.  During a time when we weren’t quite sure that she was ready to go, or that we were ready to let go, you reassured us on many levels that this was the right time for her.  As difficult as it was to say the last goodbye, you guided us all compassionately.  You gave her the most dignified and gentle death and in her safest, happiest place-her home. We are truly grateful to you for your very loving and competent leadership in this sad yet peaceful journey.

cali female parker banner and fb and testimonial


-Kathy Parker

I want to say a special thank you to Dr. Deborah for being so kind, caring, compassionate, and gentle with Blue.  Euthanasia is always a hard decision, but at least we can morn the passing of Blue knowing that he went in the most peaceful, comfortable way possible.  Everyone deserves such a gentle passing – and what Dr. Deborah and her team do to make that happen for animals is truly exceptional.  I cannot express my gratitude or thanks enough – not just for Blue, but for all the souls you help peacefully pass. Thank you.

Blue male Haman


-Katie Haman

Thank you for the pictures and for your compassion during a very difficult time for me yesterday.  I have already told friends about your wonderful service and will recommend you to others, and post an online review.  This was by far the best way to say goodbye to my sweet Chloe.

chloe female philbeck


-Susan Philbeck

Hello Dr. Rotman, I know you understand why I left the room after Moka went into his dream state but I do want you to know, though, I meant to thank you for your profound kindness and empathy yesterday.  My heart needed only the vision of him sleeping on his pillow next to me like he always did.  You gave us the comfort we both needed and I sincerely thank you.  I hope sharing my message will let others know how dedicated you are and the commitment you make to softening the reality of our loss and to providing solace after a very deeply felt family loss.  Thank you again,

moka male pate


-Stephanie Pate

Deborah provided not only a kind and compassionate service, but a loving and caring presence at a most difficult time.  She gave my little friend Ryder a swift and peaceful passage for which I will always be grateful.


Lynn and Ryder

-Lynn Fitch

Dear Deborah, It’s been several months now, and it’s still hard for me to write about losing my cat, N.  I miss her so much that its’s still hard to look at her pictures, never mind write about her last hour–our last hour.

But that’s what makes Deborah so special: she allowed me to let go in the most respectful, dignified and truly loving way.  I now realize that so much of Deborah’s work is comforting the animal’s human, and I cannot thank her enough for her kindness, care and compassion for both of us.



-C. Eldridge

Dr. Gummer was so wonderful with helping us say goodbye to my Molly.  He was so compassionate, caring and respectful.  While euthanasia can be the most difficult thing a pet owner has to decide on, Dr. Gummer really made the process very peaceful.  Having her pass at home was a much better option.  Thank you for being there. And thank you for your compassion on the phone.  I don’t know how you guys do what you do, but I’m extremely grateful.

mollyfemale mckee


-Stephanie McKee

Deborah, Thank you so very much for finding a way to make it work for Barb and I to get a little more time with Lady before saying goodbye.  We really appreciate you and your kindness.  It was a very peaceful passing for Lady and I’m glad for that.  You may not have  noticed when you first sat down to chat with us, but Lady got up to leave the room and I now believe that Lady actually may have seen my/her deceased dad along with Uri my tricolor at the door that day.  Her tail wagged and she chattered like 2 years ago.  And they let her know that they were there and to go back in the room and get out of her failing body and they would be right there with her.  Then she promptly turned around and walked past me and laid down at your feet.  I felt then that she was telling me she was ready and that she accepted my decision.  That made things a lot less awful for us.  Thank you for all you do.  And thank you for the sweet photos and the sweet card you sent.  They all mean a lot to us.  In loving kindness,



-Wendy and Barb Jensen

I wanted to thank Dr. Rotman and share this photo of our sweet Nina when she was feeling better.  I can’t tell you how much your compassion and caring meant to us as we said goodbye to our sweet girl after 18 years of the pleasure of being a part of her life. Thank you for the good work you do.



-Amanda Baur

Dear Dr. Rotman, we would like to thank Dr. Gummer for traveling to our home to put our beloved Kassie to sleep.  His kindness and professionalism made the process so much easier for Kassie and for our family.  Kassie left her body surrounded by love and light.  When it is time to say goodbye, your services and support make all the difference in the world.  We will recommend you to anyone who is contemplating this difficult decision.  Thank you again for all that you do.  This picture was taken on her last day…she was enjoying time outside under a tree as she could no longer go on a walk.  My very best to you and Dr. Gummer. We are so appreciative of your services.



-Kathy Stanford

Thank you so much for the peaceful passing of Mambo in our home last night.  Dr. Gummer was outstanding.  He was very compassionate and gently explained exactly what he was going to do and what to expect.  While the decision to let go of Mambo was very difficult and painful, we could not have asked for a better or more peaceful transition.  After Mambo was sedated, we were able to enjoy her final moments knowing she was finally free from pain.  We listened to her breathe, cried our tears and handed her off for her final moment when she was gently released from this life.  I could not have asked for a better and more peaceful way to let go of a pet who had my heart.  Thank you!



-David Clapp

Thank you Deborah for everything.  The pictures are beautiful. The Reiki was equally beautiful. The house feels empty but we are happy Snoopy is free. I called Dr. Maguire to let her know Snoopy has passed and to highly recommend you.  Thank you,



-Giselle Brakeville

Dear Dr. Rotman, Thank you for traveling to our home in Vancouver to help us ease our good friend Mr. Dumass on to his next adventure.  You were so kind and understanding and helped to make what has to be the hardest decision for any pet owner just a little more bearable.  He was a talker and a loyal lap cat and I really miss him, but I’m so grateful for your service so he didn’t have to suffer unnecessarily.  I’ve attached a photo of him when he was younger and healthy with all his long hair.  Most sincerely,


Mr. Dumass

-Barb Modey

Dr. Rotman, Susan and I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your compassionate service to send our furry little one on to his next life.  Your in home service is a God’s send!!! We will sing praises of your in home service for as long as we live. You can use this as a 200 star thumbs up for your in home service!  Sincerely,

-Paul and Susan Lenocker

Dr. Rotman, I know as I saw you to your car after our session I was quite silent.  Molly’s grand exit could not have been more personably or professionally orchestrated, but it was understandably intense.  Your professional insight regarding the probability of a brain malfunction for Molly made many behaviors clearer…and letting her go easier.  I will never be able to thank you enough. Namaste, I recognize and honor the profound spirit of compassion in and about you.

MollyPoser female Grant


-Lindsey Morrison Grant

Hi Dr. Deborah– Thank you again for the service you provide.  To know that our sweet little guy was able to pass peacefully in my lap, with his loved ones there, snacking on a piece of chicken, was such an amazing way to say goodbye after he gave us so many years of unconditional love and laughter.  Thank you for being sensitive to him, and to us, to what made us all most comfortable under such uncomfortable circumstances.

Snitch male Thomas


-Eleanor Thomas

Deborah, Mike and I wanted to thank you so much for the caring and comforting way you helped our little girl Piper make her transition from this realm to the next.  We miss her dearly but know that her suffering was not going to get better, only worse.  Your card was a lovely summation of what we could not express: it was our love that guided us to that decision, as difficult as it was.  Again, thank you for your peaceful presence and act of kindness.  We will share our story with family and friends and pass your name and contact information on to them.  Warm wishes,

Piper female Travis


-Barb and Mike Travis

Hello Dr. Rotman, we didn’t thank you properly, or at all, last Monday when you were at our home.  We were numb but talking about it now, we really wanted to thank you for how smoothly the transition went for Jenny and Lexi.  It was a great relief that they could be free of pain and have one last good sleep with us before moving on.  Thank you for a wonderful experience…if one has to do that…and we would definitely pass your name and number along if our family and friends need it.  If only Ken and I could have a shot of that “joy juice” it might make getting through this easier.  We miss them greatly.  Thank you again so very much.

Jenny and Lexi Tinseth testimonial

Jenny and Lexi snuggling

-Wendy and Ken

Deborah, Thank you so much for helping Diana and I say goodbye to our little buddy Neo last week.  We are very grateful we could do this in his home.  We can’t imagine a better way to have to part with a loved pet than the caring service you provide.  Neo was comfortable and in peace – surrounded by loved ones, as he drifted off into his eternal nap.  We will not hesitate recommending you to anyone contemplating this difficult, yet inevitable process.

NeoFischer male


-Rob Fischer and Diana Holcombe

Dear Dr. Rotman, thank you for your calm presence and skills during Ravi’s transition. You helped to create a positive experience out of his passing. In Metta,

ravi armistead


-Laurie Armistead

Deborah, I want to thank you for taking the time to follow up in sending us a card after Bella’s passing. I also thank you for helping make the last moments with Bella a little more comfortable.  It is never easy for me to lose one of my hunting companions, the bond is unbelievably close and the life experience out in the field with Mother Nature is unexplainable to most. Thank you,

Bella Chianello


-The Chianello Family

Hi Deborah, I want to thank you so much for coming into our life at the exact right moment.  You made Lulu’s end of life so beautiful and I am totally grateful for these gifts you provided. I am so happy that I decided to do it this way. I will never do a euthanasia at a vet hospital again!  Thank you again for everything and I hope our paths will cross again under happier circumstances,

Lulu Hryniw

-Suzanne and Lulu Hryniw

Thank you for coming to my home and helping Sadie pass peacefully.  As I told you, she was a rescue who I found.  Her first people were horrible to her, however, she turned out to be such a caring girl.  As someone who has had to make the decision to euthanize before in a veterinary clinic with my first dog Amber, and then finding you on Sunday to come here to my home, I recommend home euthanasia over anything else.  I did not have to put Sadie through yet another trip to the vet and scare her.  She was ready to go, and because of you and your professionalism, she went peacefully.  After you left, when the transport gentleman came in, Sadie’s favorite cat Angel was sitting at her side, saying goodbye to his friend.  That also gave me a sense of peace, knowing my furry family knows what happened rather than seeing her taken away not to come home.  Thank you for your service, I cannot express my gratitude enough.  I know my girls and I will be together again. Thanks for helping Sadie in her journey.  Blessings to you,



-Gretchen Smith

Hi Deborah, I wanted to take a moment to properly thank you for being Lennox’s Angel last week. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Thank you for being kind and gentle, for being accomodating in terms of scheduling and for taking such great care of Lennox.  When he initially saw you and wiggled his little bottom, I knew that you were the right person to help him and I think he knew that too. I wish you could have known him when he was well, he was a wonderful friend, teacher and companion.  He is loved and missed by everyone who knew him.  Thank you for releasing him from a body that could no longer contain him.  We feel him everywhere.  All the best,

Lennox Husak testimonialresize


-Tina and Dallas Husak

Deborah, we wished to thank you once again for your kindness and help with Bailey, and most recently, Jacksons passing.  We could not have imagined this would be such a peaceful crossing for both of them, but we are certain your gentle, patient manner and kindness to all of us made all the difference in their comfort and ours. Sincerely,

Bailey&Jack doorway-2

Bailey and Jackson

-Sue and Steven Garrard

Dr. Rotman, I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for what you did for us. Thank you for being so understanding and caring about our situation.  It was very hard for us to make the decision, and when I found out from my co-worker that you would come to our home, I knew that was the only way to go.  Thank you for allowing us to say our final goodbyes at home.

-Christian and Shae Deponte

Hi Dr. Deborah, I wanted to send you a special thank you for helping us through the very difficult time of Ernie’s transition.  You were so extremely gentle, caring and patient.  I appreciate it so much. Thanks so much!  Sending Love and Light,

Ernie Sorenson testimonial pic resize


-Evelyn Sorenson

Letting go of Sanjay in his form and his sweet authentic life force is very challenging for me at this time. Just so sad and alone as I attempt breathing through the layers of grief feelings.  Thank you for being available, accessible, present, understanding on deep levels and able to connect with all of us on Sunday as Sanjay transitioned from form to formless.  He was the most special being and now you are a part of his life history as well.  Thank you for all of who you are.

-Marla Becker

Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding yesterday and in the tender way you helped Sanjay to pass over and in helping our family to understand why we had to make that decision for him.  We are all suffering the loss in our own way and we know that his passing was sweet and gentle for him thanks to you.

So again, thank you for being who you are.  Love & Light,

Sanjay Becker Black resize

Sanjay Becker Black

-Robert Black

Our family was filled with anxiety about saying goodbye to our dog, Oreo, she had been a faithful companion for almost 15 years.  When Deborah arrived, she brought a sense of calmness to our very emotional situation.  The process was peaceful and beautiful and instead of  feeling a sense of loss, we were all left feeling that we had provided a special passing to a family member that had so willingly given us all she had.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oreo dog Eisele and Cotton crop resize

Oreo nurturing her best cat friend Cotton

-Susan Eisele

I just wanted to thank you for your services on the 4th of July for our Akita, Storm.  I was a little shook up when you left and probably forgot to thank you for the compassionate job you did.  This was a tough one for us because she was so young- but after seeing her so uncomfortable I feel we made the right decision. Thanks again and we will recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

-Joe Gallivan

Deborah is totally trustworthy and deeply compassionate.  Our cats normally run from any newcomer to the property.  Both of our cats, including our sick kitty, immediately recognized her Angelic presence and went to her.  None of us want to have to make the decision to let go of our beloved pets. If you face that decision, I highly recommend Dr. Rotman’s services.

Mama cat

Mama Cat

-Doris Helge, PhD, MCC

David and I were so comforted with your gentle handling of Lilly’s euthanasia.  I had no idea this method of doing it at home could be this way after several experiences at veterinarians’ offices.  Lilly deserved this kind of ‘transition.’ She seemed so determined not to give up during her life for some time, even though it was difficult at times.  Over the years, she and I became very close and I enjoyed so much having her in my life.  David and I are planning to spread her ashes soon somewhere near the Columbia River.  Thank you again for the service you do for all of us pet owners. Sincerely,



-Phyllis Bunker

This is the first time I have had to make this decision, and it was excruciating to watch Sedra deteriorate with us. I knew it was not fair to extend her suffering, not honorable to her beautiful spirit, not right to keep her physically alive to accommodate my wish to continue experiencing life with her, in vain hope that she would recover. We are so grateful for Dr. Rotman’s compassionate assistance in easing her way on from us, to end her unnatural suffering that in a natural wild life, she would have exited already. Learning of Deborah’s services at the exact right time was no accident, any more than our meeting Sedra was fourteen years ago. I know that if Sedra were here to speak to her lovingness, she would shout to the world that she was glad Deborah was the one to help us.

Thank you so very much for helping us with Sedra’s passing.  I really want to include the great gift you brought to our experience and to speak to your compassionate expertise in helping us send her on her way with all the love we feel for her. I heartfully support what you are doing via your services, and want to spread the word, as many others will have to face the same difficult decision.

Sedra Sun bath

Sedra Webb

-Aleia Webb

 Hi Deborah…I just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous kindness and support yesterday with saying goodbye to Baron. There was so much peace that came with our experience with you. We loved him so much but knew it was his time to rest and we have no second thoughts or remorse. The house was quiet and we all slept for 9 hours last night for the first time in months. April seems to be doing okay and she is in fact enjoying the “extra” TLC and attention that was being focused on our not feeling well buddy Baron before. I will keep you posted as the months progress with April’s medication and hope to get more quality years with her.

We are grateful for you and your service during such a difficult decision. Many blessings to you.
-The Bohn family

You never anticipate a day like this actually feeling positive but somehow through Deborahs genuine nature and very loving actions at the end of it our feeling was that it was the perfect end of life for our dog and for our relationship with her, our beloved pet of 14 years. Our dog went right up to Deborah and bonded with her. There was no rush. Everything was very well explained ahead of time and on the day. We were made to feel very comfortable. Most important of all so was our dog. I cannot recommend highly enough having Loving Hands come to your home when this time comes for you. We did not want her last day to be spent at the vets office. I encourage all to use Deborah at Loving Hands. It will be the best thank you that you can give your pet and it will also help you keep the memories alive of all the times you have shared as well as the final goodbye in a positive light.

-John Colbeck

Deborah came and helped us with euthanizing our dog Juneau last Tuesday.  She is wonderful, somebody you love to have there in a difficult moment like that.

-Sonja Straub

Hi Deborah, I wanted to thank you for coming in to our home so calm and comforting. That was very VERY hard for Derick and I to get through. I cried myself to sleep for a week or so. And I cried when I received your card. It made me feel better to get your card, even though it sent me back to tears. Maddy was my companion before Derick and I met. She was all I had and I was all she had for a long time.  We decided that our other cat needed a friend sooner rather than later. I’ll send you a picture of our Maddy when she was happy and our new little addition in the family.  Anyway, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you took in one of the hardest decisions and times we had to make and go through.
Maddy Gehrke

Maddy Gehrke

-Laura and Derick Gehrke

We knew that for our beloved dog Juneau’s joy in life was quickly being replaced with pain and indignity.  The time had come for Juneau to leave us.

The stress, trauma and pain she would experience taking her to a veterinarian’s office was unthinkable.  We had read an article in the Outlook new paper about Loving Hands and the in home service that Deborah Rotman offered.  We contacted Loving Hands and made an appointment for the following Monday.   Deborah explained the entire procedure over the phone.  She let us know exactly what to expect including the available options for body disposal.

On Monday, Deborah arrived, introduced herself and met Juneau.  She explained the procedure again. Because of our earlier conversation we were prepared. Juneau was placed on her bed in the dining room with head on my lap and while I pet her, she slowly when to sleep.  Although it was hard to lose Juneau, it was best for her.

We are so thankful for the compassion and professionalism Deborah displayed. It made this difficult time as relaxed and gentle as possible.

-David and Kendra Baumann

Deborah, I just wanted to write you to thank you ever so much for your compassion and care of taking care of our beloved Cleo.  I cannot thank you enough for coming out to our home on Saturday morning with such promptness and you were very informative and caring.  There hasn’t gone a day since she has passed on that I don’t think about her.  We miss her ever so much and always will.  I know she was suffering and it killed me every day to see her like that.  She was such a vibrant, loving dog.  She was like my very own child.  As funny as it may seem.

I hope she knows, just how deeply we loved and cared for her and I know she is in heaven free from illness and pain and now Cleo is playing with all of her friends that have gone before her.  I know in my soul I will see her again and I await that day.  Thank you again for being there. Fondly,

-Monique Pundyk

I finally put my sweet 18 year old cat, Honey, to sleep a week ago. It was sad to lose our Honey Cat and not an easy or quick decision to intentionally end his life but given that, it was a very beautiful and touching experience.

The reason I am writing is to give you the name of the veterinarian who came to our house on a Sunday and made Honey’s peaceful passing possible. Her name is Deborah Rotman and this work of home euthanasia is her practice.

If we have to set our animal friends free of their bodies at some sad point, this is the way to do it – at home, peaceful, with loved ones. I appreciated her professionalism and caring.

-Sara Grigsby