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Testimonials: Energy Healing, Animal Communication and Animal Reiki

Animal Communication and Animal Reiki

I can without reservation recommend Deborah Rotman and her gift as an animal communicator.

Biggie, my 9 year old, small dog was suffering from escalating bouts of anxiety over these last 4 years. With time, I realized this wasn’t merely “nervous little dog” behavior but something specific he was reacting to. These bouts could last anywhere from 5 hours to 5 days. This was painful to watch as it taxed my dog and eventually my family as no one truly slept  when he was in this anxious state.

I sought help from many sources before working with Deborah. I checked the typical boxes. Our house had no gas leaks or rodents, things that often affect a dog’s behavior. I was at a loss. My dog was in excellent health with clear vision, good energy and perfect hearing.  As the problem persisted I remember thinking on many occasions, “I wish I could just ask him what’s wrong”.  After hearing about Deborah’s gift from a friend and more than satisfied client of hers, I was motivated to book a session.

I entered into the experience not as a skeptic but certainly not as an all out believer.I had an open mind but was looking to hear specific information that only my dog could convey to me.

I’m happy and still amazed to say that I found that and more. My session with Deborah and Biggie and the clear and specific information that only my dog could convey to me has been life changing for my animal and my family. I now know the reason for my dog’s anxiety and have taken measures to eliminate it. My dog is calm and happy and no longer suffers long bouts of anxiety.

Working with Deborah allowed me to tap into the deeper wisdom of my animal and strengthen the bond we already shared.  I look forward to working with Deborah again in the future and happily recommend her services whenever possible!

-Karen Gilliam

We highly recommend Deborah Rotman, both as an animal communicator and as a Reiki/energy work practitioner. She is an excellent, highly intuitive communicator and her energy work is powerful and healing.

Our cat, Nikki was in an extremely fragile state after multiple surgeries. Deborah acted as a clear and powerful communicator, passing on important information from Nikki to us and from us to Nikki. And she confirmed our own communications with Nikki. All of this helped us to make clear decisions regarding her health and well being.

Nikki also received several Reiki/energy work sessions from Deborah, helping her stabilize and supporting her on many levels (physical, emotional & spiritual). Deborah offered caring, open hearted support to Nikki and to our family. We were very touched by Deborah’s deep respect and caring for Nikki as well as for us. Deborah is one of the reasons that Nikki is now healthy, happy and with us today!

-Nina Rollow

“My name is Sheba. I am a sweet but very oooooold black and white cat. I thought that it was my time because I got really really sick and I was sure I’d be kicking the bucket when, after lots of attempted vet treatment without result, “Mom” called to make a euthanasia appointment at the vet’s. By the grace of kitty god, “Mom” found Deborah’s name.

Although Deborah is a veterinarian, the outstanding above and beyond the call of duty services provided for me were rendered through her unequivocal intuitive healer care services. The euthanasia appointment never was because of Deborah’s determination to help me heal through her care. I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah to any of my friends the cats and the dogs of this world. Thank you so much, Deborah. SHEBA”
Service Category: Veterinarian
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

-Lourdes MacPharlaine

“Deborah Rotman—- As a communicator to the animals I cannot speak highly enough. My scotty dog was acting in puzzling ways and we turned to Deborah to help. She answered our questions by communicating with our little terrier to help us understand that we were not letting him do his job and that he was there to protect us. He was starting to worry and express his worry in odd behaviors that caused us concern. After she helped us,we did what the dog asked of us through Deb and he is now calm, trusting and no longer worrying us to pieces. He seems back to his old self! The best part of all of this is that she never previously had met my little guy in such a personal way. Thank you so much for all your help.”

– The B. Family

Soul Recovery and Extraction for People

“If your goal is to reconnect with self on a deeper more integrated level then soul retrieval can really help physically and emotionally. It bypasses the mind and goes to the core of the Spirit within, that uniquely guides each of us.

Through trance, Deborah helps us to peek behind the curtain of the unseen world within ourselves and experience us where we may be stuck, frustrated, sick or in pain. My soul retrieval was initiated by a very painful lower back that felt like deep stress imbedded in my body. I knew that this was related to deeper issues inside me but didn’t know how to access the place for healing.

My journey with Deborah gave back 3 soul pieces to reintegrate with the current me. I was reassured with Deborah’s loving voice and wise, unbiased openness that all is getting worked out and to be patient with myself and the process.

I feel that this experience was profoundly life evolving and empowering in the fact that the subject is actively participating through the guidance of the Shamanic practitioner. Therefore, you are truly healing yourself. I would only suggest this for people that are clearly open to change, there is no going back as we evolve and the doors swing open to more growth.”
– Lesa S.

“Deb is a gentle soul with a sincere willingness to help & a genuine insight.  The benefits of my session were subtle, but profound & relatively immediate.  As a result of our session, my perspective on my life, the lives of others, & life in general had taken a quantum shift to a higher, more peaceful level.  Thank you, Deb. Blessed Be.”

-Jacqueline Marie, LMT 

“With the support of Spirit, and gifted healers such as Deborah Rotman, I recently came through a personal ‘dark night of the soul.’  It was a grueling journey into the darkest aspects of myself, and Deborah was there as a guide and friend to assist me through to the other side of my own self-created demons of fear, insanity and addiction.  With a quiet confidence, compassion and humility that are the hallmarks of a great healer, Deborah helped me to confront those aspects of myself that were not serving my Sacred Path to wholeness, and helped me to claim my authentic self.  I am forever grateful.”

-Donna Starita, Doctor of Vibrational Medicine